Silva Ultramind Systems Persuasive Thoughts - Jose Silva,Ed Bernd,Katherine Sandusky

Silva Ultramind Systems Persuasive Thoughts

Silva Ultramind Systems Persuasive Thoughts

3.5 4 5 Scritto da: Jose Silva,Ed Bernd,Katherine Sandusky Letto da: Sean Pratt
Formato: audio.
Jose Silva, Jr.'s thirty-day plan shows you how to program your brain and mind for greater success.

Week 1: Start using the Alpha Brainwave Level relieve stress for relaxation and good health; strengthen your willpower with imagination; turn difficult problems into creative solutions; and develop a leadership mindset

Week 2: Gain control of your subconscious mind; eliminate limiting beliefs, fears, and phobias; convert self-doubt to confidence and optimism; employ dreams to find solutions to problems; and win praise and gain more respect

Week 3: Guiding principles for success; guidance and help from a higher power; the Universal Laws of Programming; how Jose Silva programmed to acquire money; and discover and fulfill your life purpose

Week 4: Increasing your power to influence; your aura is your invisible persuader; overcome deep-rooted problems at Theta; unleash the genius potential in your child; and be recognized as a visionary and a leader
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Self-help Traduttore:

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Editore: Gildan Media
Pubblicato: 2019-07-24
Durata: 7H 53Min
ISBN: 9781469073941

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