Clean Eating

Clean Eating

Clean Eating

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Celine Walker

2 Comprehensive Clean Eating Manuscripts in 1 Book:

- Clean Eating: Delicious Clean Eating Recipes with an Easy Guide for Weight Loss

- Clean Eating: The Clean Eating Cookbook with Delicious Clean Eating Recipes for Weight Loss

Manuscript 1: Delicious Clean Eating Recipes with an Easy Guide for Weight Loss

It's easy for beginners of clean eating to think that it is just another fad diet. But clean eating is a lifestyle, as it is more of modifying the way you eat as well as the kinds of foods you consume rather than restricting the amount of food you put inside your body.

Eating clean means going for whole foods and ditching processed ones. It is about getting rid of unnecessary carbohydrates, sugars, and fats from your diet so that you eat more healthily (and shed extra weight in the process).

Following the clean diet also means doing away with junk foods. So: A big No to foods that offer your body little or no nutritional value, such as refined foods, foods high in saturated fat, foods that contain too much salt, and processed foods loaded with sugars and artificial flavors. Finally, clean eating means feeding your body with veggies and fruits, healthy fats, unrefined grains, and lean proteins. Your body will thank you for all the health benefits that these whole foods provide.

In this book, you will discover

- Clean Eating At Its Core

- Eight Steps to Eating Clean

- Tips and Tricks to Living the Clean Eating Lifestyle

- Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes to Rev Up Your Metabolism

- Clean Eating Lunch Recipes to Stabilize Your Blood Sugar

- Clean Eating Dinner Recipes to Maintain Your Energy Level

- Clean Eating Snacks Recipes to Stop You from Raiding the Pantry

- And much more!

Manuscript 2: Discover the Most Delicious Clean Eating Recipes for Healthy Living and Weight Loss

Eating junk food or over-processed food can impact your body and mind in a negative way. When you are not eating clean, your mind will not function at an optimal level as you will lose focus and feel tired. Furthermore, your body can become sluggish as you are following a diet that is filled with chemicals and that lacks nutrients.

But worry no more, this book is here to help you to start eating food that is close to its natural state and thereby abundant in nutrients.

This book will change the way you think about food. You will discover how to choose food that is beneficial for your health and weight loss goals. Furthermore, you will learn how to enjoy eating good and tasty food without feeling deprived or guilty about it.

This book lets you in on tips on how to shop for food and prepare meals the clean way. You will find that following the recipes in this book is easy and fun as you are not required to starve yourself or sacrifice certain food groups. This book will also help you adapt to a healthy lifestyle that lets you enjoy eating great-tasting, nourishing, and natural food.

In this book, you will discover

- Clean Eating Facts to Help You Keep Your Figure

- Clean and Weight Loss-Friendly Breakfast Recipes

- Clean and Slimming Lunch Recipes

- Clean and Skinny Dinner Recipes

- And much more!


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