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Green Witchcraft: A Practical Guide to Discovering the Magic of Plants, Herbs, Crystals, and Beyond

Scritto da: Paige Vanderbeck Letto da: Jodie Hollie-Anne Audio

Learn to live the way of the green witch.

Green witchcraft is a school of witchcraft for those who want to live in harmony with the earth and its green things—and this book is your how-to guide. Open yourself up to everything from growing herbs and plants for magic and medicine, to honoring the spirits of trees and animals, and using crystals for power and healing. Put natural magic into practice, with spells and rituals that harness the natural, plentiful energy and power of herbs, plants, stones, crystals, wood, and more. Green Witchcraft makes it easy, with practical tips and instructions on everything from using honeysuckle to attract wealth, quartz to direct energy, and moonlight for cleansing your tools. Discover the power of the natural world with hands-on spells for green witches.

“Whether you have a green thumb or the opposite, or whether you're a city witch or a spiritual newbie living in a lush wood, Green Witchcraft will speak to your soul through the universal language of nature.” – Lisa Marie Basile

© 2020 QUEST from W. F. Howes Ltd (Audio) ISBN: 9781004015764

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