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Religione e Spiritualità

The Thought of You

Scritto da: Søren Kierkegaard, Anton Kingsbury, Frederic Chopin Letto da: Josh Verbae Audio

The Thought of You includes reading of the eponymous prayer followed by beautiful piano music based on original composition of Frederic Chopin. Piano composition includes: Nocturne in E-flat Major, Op. 9 No. 2 — Andante performed by Anton Kingsbury. This is Chopin’s most famous nocturne dedicated to Marie Pleyel. This nocturne resembles the style of Field’s Nocturnes. The nocturne is reflective in mood until it suddenly becomes passionate near the end. The new concluding melody begins softly but then ascends to a high register and is played forcefully in octaves, eventually reaching the loudest part of the piece, marked fortissimo. After a trill-like passage, the excitement subsides; the nocturne ends calmly.

© 2017 Interactive Media (Audio) ISBN: 9781787240544 Titolo originale: The Thought of You

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