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Coach Yourself Slim - Losing weight successfully - lose weight step by step.

Forfatter: Mark Besser Innleser: Mark Armstrong Lydbok

If you are carrying around excess weight, it can become not only an unhealthy addition to your life, but a mental obsession in your desire to lose it. You may try diet after diet, exercise routine after exercise routine and even fall into the trap of every new fad that comes along. Yet if you have not fully prepared yourself mentally to reach that goal and honestly accepted the highs and lows that will come with reaching it, then you have set yourself up to fail. This book is not another fad, a diet or even a regime. No, this book is the encouragement and the honesty missing in most modern programs - the way to define a goal, and then finally reach it. Here you will find the path to perseverance and success with your own personal coach. Why do you want to lose weight? What is holding you back from losing weight? What will change when you do reach your goal weight? These are questions you must ask before you embark on any weight loss journey, and this guide will show you why. You can successfully lose the weight by becoming your own coach today, and reach your goal, step by step.

© 2016 Authors Republic (Lydbok) ISBN: 9781518936807

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