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Living Full Circle: Simple Ancient Rituals for Modern Life

Forfatter: Dondeena Bradley Innleser: Sarah Hawker Lydbok og E-bok

Discover a new path to wellness with this illuminating collection of simple and ancient self-care rituals.

In a hectic world filled with trendy products and expensive retreats designed to reduce stress and anxiety, it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed just trying to find ways to be well. However, as product innovation and well-being services expert Dondeena Bradley shows in this book, the key to sustained wellness has always been within reach with ancient, tried-and-true practices.

In Living Full Circle, Bradley translates time-tested and proven healing remedies into practical tools for taking care of yourself. Guiding you through the vast landscape of health and wellness, Bradley focuses on traditional methods and applies them to today’s modern world. These classic and simple techniques will ultimately enable you to rejuvenate your daily rituals, ground and reconnect with all five of your senses, and improve your overall well-being.

For anyone searching for ways to take back your health using natural, holistic methods, look no further than Living Full Circle—a modern guide to self-care rooted in ancient wisdom that is, today, more beneficial than ever.

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