The Lion of Midnight - J.D. Davies

The Lion of Midnight

The Lion of Midnight

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Secret missions on the cold North Seas…
Winter, 1666. England is again at war with the Dutch, and Matthew Quinton is once more called to serve his King.

On a mission to the Swedish court, he must secure crucial support in the war against Sweden’s old enemy, the Dutch Republic. He is accompanied by the mysterious Lord Conisborough, who, unbeknownst to Quinton, has a secret mission involving the notorious regicide John Bale, the man who signed the death warrant of King Charles I.

With Conisborough complicating matters, and in a situation fraught with political tensions and competing loyalties, Quinton and his crew must seek help from the most unexpected of quarters…

The unputdownable fourth book in the compelling Matthew Quinton Journals, The Lion of Midnight is perfect for fans of Paul Fraser Collard, Philip McCutchan and Bernard Cornwell

Praise for J.D. Davies

‘Hornblower, Aubrey and Quinton – a pantheon of the best adventures at sea!’ Conn Iggulden

‘Swashbuckling suspense, royal intrigue, and high seas naval action … an excellent series’ Publishers Weekly

‘Utterly impossible to put down… finely shaded characters, excellent plotting, gut-clenching action and immaculate attention to period detail … superb’ ANGUS DONALD, author of The Outlaw Chronicles

‘J.D. Davies’s depiction of Restoration England and the British Navy is impeccable, his characters truly live and breathe, and the plot kept me in suspense … I could not recommend it more.’ Edward Chupak, author of Silver
The Matthew Quinton Journals
1. Gentleman Captain
2. The Mountain of Gold
3. The Blast that Tears the Skies
4. The Lion of Midnight
5. The Battle of the Ages
6. The Rage of Fortune
7. Death's Bright Angel
8. The Devil Upon the Wave
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Powieść obyczajowa Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Canelo Adventure
Data wydania: 2018-05-07
ISBN: 9781788631846

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