Chinese Myths & Folk Tales - Rosalind Kerven

Chinese Myths & Folk Tales

Chinese Myths & Folk Tales

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Re-issue of this highly acclaimed book, previously published by Cambridge University Press under the title In The Court of the Jade Emperor: Stories from Old China - first edition 1993, second edition 1999. Reviews from the first edition: ** What riches there are to be read here! A wonderful variety of stories...and in a variety of tellers voices, so that every story is different and a delightful surprise. The language itself is immediate... the words have a truth and depth... this is a book both to instruct us on Chinese culture and to delight our narrative thirst. A real find! - School Librarian ** luminously clear prose - Times Education Supplement ** Rosalind Kerven is the author of a number of excellent retellings from around the world, and this collection is as good as the others. The language is lively and direct ... the stories have a timeless feel but are easy to read - English and Media Magazine ** SELECTED BY THE FEDERATION OF CHILDRENS BOOK GROUPS FOR NATIONAL TELL A STORY WEEK, 1994 A rich tapestry of stories full of extraordinary magic. Read about stern Dragon Kings and enchanted Dragon Princesses; laugh at the outrageous adventures of the super-hero King Monkey; mingle with a colourful crowd of gods and goddesses; visit the terrifying Palace of Boundless Cold; and even discover the secrets of Everlasting Life. The stories will transport you right into the heart and mind of ancient China - one of the oldest and greatest civilisations in the world. ** Stories tried and tested in primary schools over many years - perfect for reading alone or reading aloud ** Ideal for the governments National Curriculum English statutory requirements: increasing familiarity with ... fairy stories, myths and legends ** Fun and informative for readers of all ages including adults.
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Data wydania: 2016-08-26
ISBN: 9781783019939

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