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Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets: Audio Bible Studies

Autor: Andy Stanley Czyta: Andy Stanley Audiobook

Uncover the five key questions that can change everything about your decision-making process and rewrite the story of your life...one decision at a time.

Our decisions don't just affect our present circumstances; they radiate into our future. Most of the time, it's impossible to know what will come of the decisions we make. But this doesn't have to paralyze you. You can train yourself to ask well-placed, appropriately timed, thought-provoking questions that will result in stronger decisions and fewer disappointments down the road.

In this six-session video study (DVD/digital download sold separately), author and pastor Andy Stanley gives you five key questions to ask when you have a decision to make and you're not sure what to do (or even if you think you do know what to do!). These five simple questions will empower you to:

• Pause when feeling tension over a decision
• Take the long view
• Look for the wise option
• Focus on the relational impact of decisions

Every decision we make impacts our stories and the stories of those closest to us. It's time to start deciding with our heads instead of with our guts.

Sessions include:

1. More Than a Decision (16:00)
2. The Integrity Question (19:00)
3. The Legacy Question (17:00)
4. The Conscience Question (23:00)
5. The Maturity Question (19:00)
6. The Relationship Question (20:00)

The Audio Bible Study series provides a unique learning experience. Instead of sitting down to watch a video teaching for Bible study, listen to the same quality Bible study content on the go! Whether you listen on your commute, while walking outside, or over a lunch break, you can access high-quality audio Bible studies wherever you are. Get the most out of the teaching by diving into the accompanying study guide (sold separately) to walk through reflection questions and individual Bible study to go deeper.

© 2020 HarperChristian Resources (Audiobook) ISBN: 9780310126683

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