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Body Language: Understanding Manipulation, Flirtation, and Negotiation

Autor: John Adamssen Czyta: Rory Young Audiobook

This is a 2-book combo, which has the following titles:

Book 1: What is the psychology behind body language?

What can we learn from what people aren’t saying?

These are common questions. But although they are often asked, they aren’t always clearly answered. Today, this book can change all that. It can give you precise guidelines on how to read people’s signs and nonverbal cues.

We will also discuss how most of the communication has some kind of root in our cultures, and how we can apply them in practical situations, whether it concerns flirting, job interviews, or other.

On top of all this, one chapter is solely devoted to making eye contact, and all the effects of that.

All of these topics are included. It’s time to become more educated about them.

Book 2: This book focuses on three important aspects of body language: Leadership, reading hints, and making eye contact.

It sounds so simple, but these are three of the most important factors in conversations between two people, or in a group, and they define who we are, what message we convey, and how to interpret those messages every day.

What is a person thinking when he or she raises their eyebrows, lets shoulders slump, or crosses their arms? What does eye contact signify in different situations?

Learn more. Find out what we are saying when we are not saying anything.

© 2020 Efalon Acies (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781662296413

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