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Cinnamon Diet - Lose Weight With Cinnamon

Autor: Jamie Wolf Czyta: Mark Armstrong Audiobook

Any quick Internet search will show that 'losing weight' in the Top 10 search terms - and with good reason. People the world over are seeking to lose excess weight, not only for their own personal appearance, but for health reasons ranging from heart function to diabetes, arthritis to proper organ function. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a key component in living a healthy life and the incredibly tasty spice cinnamon can help get you there. Long known as a spicy addition to sweets and breakfast foods, Cinnamon is actually a superfood built of miraculous compounds that can help you lose weight, decrease bad cholesterol, control blood sugar levels, decrease appetite and even improve your metabolism. Filled with facts, tips, recommendations and even recipes, this guide will put Cinnamon at the top of your culinary health food list and start you on the path to better health, today.

© 2016 Authors Republic (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781518935473

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