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Everything I Don't Remember

Autor: Jonas Hassen Khemiri Czyta: Jack Hawkins Audiobook

Dazzlingly inventive, witty and mysterious: a writer pieces together the story of a young man's death in an exhilarating narrative puzzle reminiscent of the hit podcast Serial.

A young man dies in a car crash – accident or suicide? An unnamed writer with an agenda of his own sets out to piece together Samuel's story. From friends, relatives and neighbours, a portrait emerges of a loving son, reluctant bureaucrat, contrived poser, loyal friend. But who was Samuel really, and what happened to him? In filling out the contours of his existence, the writer grasps at a fundamental question: how do we account for the substance of a life?

Winner of the August Prize, Everything I Don’t Remember is an International Bestseller. Read for you by Jack Hawkins, reader of Station Eleven.

© 2017 Simon & Schuster Audio UK (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781471159329 Tłumaczenie: Rachel Willson-Broyles

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