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Memory Improvement: Boost the Dopamine, Creative Skills, and Concentration in Your Mind

Autor: Syrie Gallows, Cory Hanssen, Dave Farrel, Samirah Eaton, Karla Wayers, Emily Wilds, Mark Daily, Jason Hendrickson Czyta: Carlton Smith, Doug Greene, Mark Milroy, Kasey Logan, Sarah Owens, Tayla Shandro, Alex Lancer Audiobook

You’ve just come across a combination of a series of 8 books. They are related to the following topics:

Topic 1: The book will discuss some ways to be more creative, some ways to turn creativity into developing new projects, inspiration, and how to combine passion with creativity. These are at the heart of innovation and expanding businesses, art projects, relationships, and so many other things in life.

Topic 2: Do you know what the seven keys are to think better?

And do you understand the advantages of creative visualization?

Many people have no clue what’s going on inside their minds. And even though I cannot promise that this book can explain every thought and every idea or imagination, it will definitely give you new insights that help you get a firmer grasp of the neurological connections your brain is making.

Topic 3: Dopamine makes us human. It has been proven over and over again that it manifests itself differently in animals. It has been researched and been found identical to human traits and our motivation to do anything in life, our creativity, and our problem-solving skills.

Topic 4: In psychology, the subject of intelligence has been studied and debated by many. Some of the theories that those scientists and clinicians have come up with, are laid out in this book.

Topic 5: In this educational guide, we will dive into topics related to the emotional component of intelligence. Many people underestimate the importance of such an element, so here, we will explain why it is so essential.

And 3 other topics!

© 2020 Efalon Acies (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781662280122