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Millennial Black: The Ultimate Guide for Black Women at Work: Rethinking colour and culture in the workplace

Autor: Sophie Williams Czyta: Sophie Williams Audiobook

For fans of Slay in Your Lane and Little Black Book, this no-nonsense exploration of colour and culture at work is essential reading for Black women in the workplace, their allies and industry change-makers

For too long, Black women have been told the things about themselves that they have to do, or change, or be, in order to be successful at work. Now, Millennial Black is here to show Black women what you can do to thrive at work, just as you are.

It also offers clear, no-nonsense guidance for employers who want to be part of the change. Why is diversity just the start? And what does being truly inclusive really mean?

From insight into the race pay gap, through advice on setting boundaries and building your own ‘lady gang’, to tackling workplace sexual harassment and racist abuse, this is essential reading for a generation of Black women and their allies.

© 2021 HQ (Audiobook) ISBN: 9780008401917

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