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Stopping Stress Before It Stops You

Autor: Dr. Kevin Leman Czyta: Lucille Cole Audiobook

You can reduce stress and enjoy your life! Homemaker, career woman, wife, supermom—sometimes the roles you have to fill all at once can get to be too much. Internationally known psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman has seen scores of women who are overcome by stress. With humor, insight, and practical solutions, this bestselling author helps you manage the six stress points in your life: kids, career, husband, housework, money, and crammed schedules. You'll learn how to check your stress quotient, the simple secret to reducing stress, the wonders of using reality discipline with your kids, ways to beat the superwoman syndrome, and how to cope with two careers—at work and at home. Listen to this audio book and find out how to begin enjoying a more serene lifestyle by making stress work for you.

© 2011 Oasis Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781608148332

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