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Thanksgiving in Paradise

Autor: Kathi Daley Czyta: Coleen Marlo Audiobook

The shroud is lifted and truths too disturbing to believe are unveiled when an explosion at the town hall traps Tj under a pile of rubble as the walls of the building rain down around her. When the dust settles, Tj is left wondering if you can ever really know another person or if the armor you see is simply an illusion created to conceal the lies that are buried beneath.

While Tj struggles with the duplicity of someone she'd previously held dear, she is also forced to deal with the fact that two popular residents are dead with four others in the hospital clinging to life.

As the remaining town council members struggle to rebuild from the ashes of what was lost, Tj commits to helping Roy find the individual responsible for this horrific event while trying to juggle an important life decision.

© 2019 Tantor Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781515987857

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