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Religia i duchowość
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What Christians Believe

Autor: C.S. Lewis Czyta: Ralph Cosham Audiobook

A succinct statement of Christian doctrine from one of Christianity’s most beloved thinkers

Master storyteller and essayist C. S. Lewis here tackles the central questions of the Christian faith: Who was Jesus? What did he accomplish? What does it mean for me?

In these classic essays, which began as talks on the BBC during World War II, Lewis creatively and simply explains the basic tenets of Christianity. Taken from the core section of Mere Christianity, this book provides an accessible way for people to discover these timeless truths. For those looking to remind themselves of what they hold true, or those looking for a snapshot of Christianity, this book is a wonderful introduction to the faith, as well as to Lewis’ ideas and apologetics.

© 2010 Blackstone Publishing (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781481537070

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