Tourism and Travel in Ancient Egypt: Travel Like an Egyptian - Mohammed Yehia Zakaria Z. Ahmed

Tourism and Travel in Ancient Egypt: Travel Like an Egyptian

Tourism and Travel in Ancient Egypt: Travel Like an Egyptian

3 3 5 Författare: Mohammed Yehia Zakaria Z. Ahmed Inläsare: Becky Parker
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How did the ancient Egyptians travel in this quaint old land thousands of years ago?
What sort of transportation did they use?
For how long did they go?
What destinations did they visit?
For which purposes did they travel?
Is it correct to describe the ancient Egyptian travels as “tourism” or not?
According to our current perceptions of tourism, if the Egyptians had tourism in ancient times, did they understand it as such?
Which varieties of tourism did the ancient Egyptians have compared to what mankind has today?
These and many more questions are answered in this ground-breaking book based on research, evidence, and artifacts by Egyptologist and Tourism expert Mohammed Ahmed. A fascinating exploration of hieroglyphs, ancient stories, language, art and more, and what they tell us about travel in ancient Egypt, while also informing our tourism experiences today. Indeed, we know that numerous aspects of the current global civilization derived from the ancient Egyptian civilization, such as writing, the scholarly calendar, medicine, architecture, festivals, chemistry, and other fields of life. The influence of the ancient Egyptian civilization on the modern world is clear. Climb aboard and tour Egypt with us - travel like an Egyptian!
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Förlag: Pro Audio Voices
Utgiven: 2017-04-10
Längd: 7T 9min
ISBN: 9780986246593

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