The Daddy of all Mysteries - Jess Welsby

The Daddy of all Mysteries

The Daddy of all Mysteries

4.5 2 5 Författare: Jess Welsby
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Set in Liverpool, this 112,000 word-epic will break and warm your heart as Jess Welsby takes you on a nostalgic, soul-searching journey to find her mysterious roots. Little did she know, that the family secrets she would uncover would make the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end, when, after a 20-year search to find information about a father who had been nothing more than an ink blot on her birth certificate, she discovered that those roots appear to have been buried deep within her subconscious all along. As Jess traces the lives of her small, Catholic family through the Great War, the Great Depression and Second World War, within the pages of her first book, she pays homage to the generations who fought in two world wars, but were given little support from the country that they fought for and were often forced to rely on charity in the form of the workhouse. Jess gives a heart-rending account of her mothers struggles with religious intolerance and the stigma that having an illegitimate child carried in the 1950s. Then, she quickly dries your tears with side-splitting anecdotes that could only happen in Liverpool. With a website following that accumulated close to 300,000 hits, a full-page colour feature in the Liverpool Echo and a full-page of reviews, this true story is an amazing detailed account of amateur teamwork and is a must-read, not only for anyone in search of their unknown mother or father, but for everyone whether interested in family history or just an inspiring, feel-good story. With help from strangers across the world, the truth slowly unfolds from an unmarked grave in a London, Jewish cemetery to reveal the father who had been cloaked in a veil of mystery for almost sixty years.
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Utgiven: 2015-05-22
ISBN: 9780993177811

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