Chasing Rhodes - Anne Jolin

Chasing Rhodes

Chasing Rhodes

3.56 149 5 Författare: Anne Jolin Inläsare: Lucy Rivers, Aiden Snow
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Hannah Rhodes has just gotten out of a long-term relationship, and she isn't looking for a new man in her life. But after a night out with the girls and one too many tequila shots, her plans to stay man-free are blown all to hell. She finds herself in bed with the smoldering stranger from a party six months back and immediately knows she's in trouble, big trouble. And the last thing Hannah needs is more trouble.Her last relationship took her out like an emotional freight train, and she's trying to piece back the stability her life once had.Greyson Holt's biggest fear in life is to end up like his father, like the man who left him as a child and broke his mother's heart. He vowed to never be responsible for that kind of carnage. Men could be cruel, and that kind of brutality was in his blood. He never allows himself to get too close to anyone, until he meets Hannah.Something about her makes him want to try, but a man can't change overnight.Will Holt be able to catch Rhodes every time he lets her go? Or will their chase end in heartbreak?
Språk: Engelska Kategori: Romance Serie: The Rock Falls Series: 1 Översättare:

Mer info om ljudboken:

Förlag: Anne Jolin
Utgiven: 2016-08-09
Längd: 5T 7M
ISBN: 9781504776813

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