The City of San Diego and San Diego County - Clarence Alan McGrew

The City of San Diego and San Diego County

The City of San Diego and San Diego County

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This book was not written to clothe this history of San Diego in fancy words. The task was begun in the conviction that the best history was a well-marshaled array of facts and that the collection of many essential and interesting facts was much more important than long chapters regarding a lesser number of such facts. San Diego's history is crowded with such facts, and a sincere attempt has been made in the following pages to present them truthfully, simply and clearly. The book covers the period of the city and county's greatest growth and achievement and gives an excellent overview over the prosperous years from the foundation to the boom.
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Förlag: Jazzybee Verlag
Utgiven: 2017-07-07
ISBN: 9783849649449

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