King Arthur - Rosalind Kerven

King Arthur

King Arthur

5.0 1 5 Författare: Rosalind Kerven
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Text from the international bestseller, originally published as an illustrated book by DK. This was recommended by the American Library Association: "the legend of Arthur as you've never seen it"; attracted full-length features in the Sunday Times and the TES – and sold almost quarter of a million copies in 14 countries.

A beautifully written retelling of the complete King Arthur story, brought dramatically, vividly and very readably back to life. Perfect for all ages from 9 to adult.

Authentically based on the iconic medieval work, Malory's 'Morte d'Arthur', it covers all the important episodes:
* The sword in the stone
* How Arthur obtained the magic sword Excalibur
* His marriage to the noble Guinevere
* The coming of the Knights of the Round Table
* Merlin and the Lady of the Lake
* The evil enchantments of Morgan le Fay
* Sir Lancelot's love affair with the Queen
* The Quest for the Holy Grail
* The last battle
* The promise of Arthur as the 'Once and Future King'

Reviews of the first edition:
– "a delightful retelling of the story which manages to bring the story alive and captivate the reader" (Goodreads)
– "This king Arthur book is amazing...although this is aimed at children as an adult King Arthur fan I think this is one of my best King Arthur books as it summarises the Malory version of the legends" (
– "I recommend this book to those who like Arthurian Mythology" (
– "chronicles the legend...simply and accessibly... both entertaining and informative" (Dispatch Online)
– "vividly brought to life" (Northwest Evening Mail)
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Förlag: Talking Stone
Utgiven: 2019-02-04
ISBN: 9781912924646

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