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Caring for Your Toddler: Secrets from an Expert Pediatrician

Författare: Dennis Kuo Uppläsare: Dennis Kuo Ljudbok

The toddler years can be both magical and stressful, sometimes all at once. Exciting developmental milestones—such as your child learning to walk—can arrive hand in hand with temper tantrums, picky eating, and other new behaviors that can be difficult to navigate. Luckily, leading pediatrician Dr. Dennis Kuo (MD, University of Pennsylvania) is here to guide you through every step of this fast-changing period in your child’s life through this accessible audio series.

A 3rd-generation pediatrician, parent, and public health expert, Dr. Kuo understands both the joy and frustration of parenting. He’s seen it all and distills his wisdom for you in 12 funny and insightful sessions conveniently divided into 25-minute sessions.

Dr. Kuo’s series covers all the bases of caring for children ages 1 through 3. You’ll learn how to create a harmonious relationship with your toddler through consistent routines, healthy diet, and discipline, as well as how to prepare for key milestones and treat common illnesses. Best of all, you’ll emerge from this series with a holistic understanding of what makes your toddler tick.

Parenthood isn’t a science, though it may often feel like an experiment: you don’t know exactly what to do in every situation, but you hope for the best outcome. You’ll find Dr. Kuo’s vast knowledge of all things pediatric both consoling and enlightening.

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