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Craving Daddy's Boss

Författare: Amanda Heartley Uppläsare: Rachel Woods, Patrick James Ljudbok

I want her, but I’m her boss…


So, my secretary quit to move state at the worst time.
Now I can’t even see my plush CEO desk with the contracts piled high.
I need a new P.A. ...and fast!
And just before I completely lose my mind, in she walks.
Julia’s way over-qualified for what I need, but I’m desperate.
Smart, beautiful, bright, and funny.
It doesn’t sway my decision to hire her... much.
Nope. I shouldn’t even think about going there.
I must be fifteen years older than her.
And I’m her employer… not to mention, her dad’s, too.
That’s got sexual harassment written all over it.
I can’t stop dreaming about tasting her forbidden fruit.
But I’ll just have to keep my fantasies to myself.


I got fired from my last job for helping the needy. Jeez, what an asshat!
No money. Couldn’t make rent. Until an opening at my dad’s work saved the day.
And to my surprise, it wasn’t the old man CEO I was expecting to work for.
Instead, his tall, handsome, hot-as-hell son who sat across the desk from me.
Older than me, yes, but his low, velvety voice had my toes curling in an instant.
Two months later, I’m still having naughty thoughts about my boss in my ’alone time’.
Maybe he feels it, too? Maybe he secretly wants me, but he never shows it.
And with a 15-year age gap between us, neither one of us is daring to make a move.
Then out of the blue, my whole world collapses when my past catches up to me.
I’m a strong woman, but right now I’m scared, feeling threatened and alone.
Will the man I’m falling for scoop me into his arms and save me?

Craving Daddy’s Boss is a standalone older man, younger woman office romantic comedy with a touch of suspense. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and HEA guaranteed!

© 2020 Audiobooks Unleashed (Ljudbok) ISBN: 9781953250049

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