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Integration Marketing: How Small Businesses Become Big Businesses? and Big Businesses Become Empires

Författare: Mark Joyner Uppläsare: Erik Synnestvedt Ljudbok

The biggest, most successful businesses you can think of all started small and grew their way to massive success. What was their secret? Is there something those companies have in common-from Microsoft to McDonald's to U.S. Steel-that helped them grow from small businesses to globe-spanning corporations?

The answer is “yes,” and it's right here. The common thread between all big-growth companies is their reliance on the art of what online business pioneer Mark Joyner calls Integration Marketing to spur methodical, reliable growth from one level to the next. Joyner's Integration Marketing theory is a radically new business approach that has already built a fanatical base of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs who are using it to pull off what some are referring to as “business miracles” with a zero-dollar ad budget.

Now, Mark Joyner finally puts this amazing business-transforming methodology on audio and tells you how to apply it to your own business, no matter its size. Integration Marketing is a simple, innovative, and effective system that helps you find hidden marketing opportunities, bring in a limitless supply of new customers, and grow your business steadily, predictably, and strategically. Most importantly, it takes the guesswork out of marketing by using predictive math to gauge the likelihood of success for any new marketing opportunity-before you commit time and resources to it.

Even better, once you put Integration Marketing to work in your business, the methodology will continue to work without any additional effort. No longer will you miss out on profit opportunities that are right under your nose. You'll be able to see your competitive battlefield clearly and develop a flexible, intelligent strategy that will keep your business in the black.

This isn't just some new buzzword for the same old ideas-it's a complete suite of strategic tools that make marketing accountable, reliable, predictable, and effective. It's not complicated and it's not a magic bullet; it's a straightforward, proven system for getting exactly what you and your business need to grow-more profit faster.

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