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Winter Warmers

Författare: Annabeth Leong E-bok

Inside you will find a collection of ten Christmas-themed erotic stories. From dressing up to light BDSM and even carol singing, there's a story to give everyone that warm, fuzzy feeling during the cold winter months.

Filled with Christmas Spirit - Annabeth Leong
Caroline wants to stay in, but Marcus wants to go out and celebrate the Christmas spirit. Together they create a supremely kinky experience.

A Meeting of Seasons - Nicole Gestalt
At the end of her season Autumn makes her way to the forest where she will meet Winter for the first time in a year. A meeting that will bring them together, even just for a fleeting moment.

A Christmas Carl - Maxine Hooper
Despite her friend's warning, Claire decides to spend Christmas Day with Carl, a man she has 'met' through the internet in the hope that real sex with him is as good as their virtual chats.

The Christmas Devil - Angela R.Sargenti
One cold December evening, a naughty young lady has the misfortune of meeting St. Nick's evil counterpart, Krampus.

The Invite - Jamie Rose
A rich and sophisticated couple, who are very much in love, celebrate the festive period by sharing the best gift possible - an evening of no holes barred sex with strangers. An unexpected invitation to a Swinger Christmas party provides the means and Karen's recent foray into the underworld of online smut provides the desire. And Luke, well he's just happy to be along for the ride. Throughout the party both have their sexual attitudes indulged and by the end both have a new insight into their own relationship.

Santa's Sack - Nicky Raven
Tim was young and good-looking but keeping a job was not his forte. However, when a Christmas position becomes available at his local Mall he jumps at the chance. His employer, Miss Jones, takes quite a shine to him and wants to know exactly what this Santa has hidden in his sack for her!

Unwrap Me - Victoria Blisse
Claire wraps herself up as the perfect present for her husband to open on Christmas morning.

Ice and Spice - Gemma Parkes
It's almost Christmas and Abbie is decorating the Christmas tree alone in preparation of her partner Craig's return. A silver star containing a picture of the two of them after an impromptu shopping trip brings back warm, sexy memories of the night it was taken. Another reminds her of a family tradition with a delicious, decadent twist. With thoughts of passion coursing through her body it isn't long before she finds herself alone relieving the tension with a small, pink friend.

Twenty-four Surprises - Tilly Hunter
When Sam suggests that she and Tom make Advent calendars for each other instead of buying them off the shelf, she has tasty chocolates in mind. But while she fills Tom's with twenty-four treats from their local deli, he has something else in mind. Something that is going to fulfil a tipsy confession Sam made about her desire to be spanked, and which will test the limits of her patience.
Mrs Baxter's and the Ghost of Christmas Past - Jade Taylor

Mrs Baxter is a widow, and she's coping with that fine, until Christmas comes around again. Christmas was always her husband's favourite time of year, and all the festivities around her only make her feel more lonely. It doesn't help that although Michael always promised that if he died first he would send her a sign, she hasn't seen one. When a friend tells her all about a wonderful (and attractive) clairvoyant she decides that it's the cue she needs to go searching for her sign. It may be Christmas Eve, but she decides she needs to try to contact Michael straight away. Besides, Christmas is supposed to be magical, and she desperately needs some magic. But even Mrs Baxter isn't prepared for how magical Christmas Eve can actually be.

© 2014 Andrews UK (E-bok) ISBN: 9781783333035

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