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Silent Thunder

YAZAN(LAR): Andrea Davis Pinkney SESLENDİREN(LER): Peter Jay Fernandez, Andrea Johnson SESLİ KİTAP

Both 11-year-old Summer and her older brother Roscoe have a "silent thunder" roaring through their souls. Summer yearns to learn letters, so she can read. Roscoe wants to join the Union forces and fight in the Civil War. But they are slaves in Virginia, and their wishes are forbidden. Their friend Thea says that silent thunder is something slaves have to keep private, but Summer and Roscoe can't resist their feelings. Before 1862 comes to a close, they both find unexpected allies who help them act on their desires. Now they must make difficult, painful decisions that will forever change their lives. Award-winning author Andrea Davis Pinkney tells this moving tale from the perspective of both Summer and Roscoe. With the poignant narration of Andrea J. Johnson and Peter Jay Fernandez, the glory of the human spirit shines through-even in the face of the most degrading circumstances.

© 2009 Recorded Books, Inc. (SESLİ KİTAP) ISBN: 9781440768729


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