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The Skulduggery Pleasant Grimoire

YAZAN(LAR): Derek Landy SESLENDİREN(LER): Derek Landy, James Goode, Christopher Ragland, Kevin Hely, Alison McKenna, Sam Newton, Eve Macklin SESLİ KİTAP

An unmissable paraquel to the internationally bestselling Skulduggery Pleasant series, The Skulduggery Pleasant Grimoire is at once a thrilling recap of the books so far, a reference guide to characters, and a treasure-trove of bonus content.

As the Skulduggery Pleasant series nears its end (again), relive the adventure in this compendium of all things Skulduggery. Featuring a unique run-down of the books so far, it also includes an invaluable reference tool for the dizzying cast of characters, as well as bonuses, surprises, and a dark story all of its own. The Grimoire is an essential book for any Skulduggery fan.

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