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YAZAN(LAR): Diane McKinney-Whetstone SESLENDİREN(LER): Myra Lucretia Taylor SESLİ KİTAP

Tumbling is a national best-seller from an exhilarating new voice in African-American fiction. Set in Philadelphia in the 1940s and 50s, this emotionally inspiring story revolves around Noon and Herbie, a couple with more than a few obstacles to overcome. They raise two girls left on their doorstep, struggle to keep their unconsummated marriage alive, and fight to save their urban neighborhood from development. Both Noon and Herbie have secrets. Because of this she can't be intimate with her husband, and he sneaks out to a hot jazz singer named Ethel--who has a secret of her own. When the city proposes to build a road through their neighborhood, Noon begins a crusade to keep it from happening--and maybe save her marriage in the process. Tumble into this amazing novel and feel the love and warmth of a special block in South Philly. This is an extraordinary depiction of the true meaning of family and fellowship, with a realistic mix of both joy and sorrow.

© 2012 Recorded Books, Inc. (SESLİ KİTAP) ISBN: 9781470325398

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