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Silva Ultramind Systems Persuasive Thoughts: Have More Confidence, Charisma, & Influence

Autor: Katherine Sandusky, Ed Bernd Jr., Jose Silva Jr. Libro electrónico

José Silva Jr.’s 30-day plan shows you how to program your brain & mind for greater success

Week 1: Start using the Alpha Brainwave Level to
• Relieve stress for relaxation and good health
• Strengthen your willpower with imagination
• Turn difficult problems into creative solutions
• Develop a leadership mindset

Week 2: Gain control of your subconscious mind
• Eliminate limiting beliefs, fears, and phobias
• Convert self-doubt to confidence and optimism
• Employ dreams to find solutions to problems
• Win praise and gain more respect

Week 3: Guiding principles for success
• Guidance and help from a higher power
• The Universal Laws of Programming
• How José Silva programmed to acquire money
• Discover and fulfill your life purpose

Week 4: Increasing your power to influence
• Your aura is your invisible persuader
• Overcome deep-rooted problems at Theta
• Unleash the genius potential in your child
• Be recognized as a visionary and a leader

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