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How To Raise Miniature Horses

How To Raise Miniature Horses

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If you want to learn how to raise miniature horses, then get "How To Raise Miniature Horses" written by a person who has real life experience growing up raising miniature horses.

This is a guide on How To Raise Miniature Horses. It’s an overview of all that’s involved in the raising of miniature horses, plus extra information for your knowledge in them. The methods expressed in this guide work for most miniature horse owners and breeders, around the world.

This is an 8 Step-by-Step guide on How To Raise Miniature Horses. If you follow the steps you should have no problems in raising and caring for your miniature horses. You will also learn many aspects from feeding, grooming, training to sicknesses and pregnancies. There are many facts covered in this guide for you to learn from.


• The History of the Miniature Horse

• Step 1 - Knowing Your Miniature Horse

• Step 2 – Feeding and Grooming your horse

• Step 3 – Breeding, Pregnancy and Foaling

• Step 4 – Sickness and choosing a Veterinarian

• Step 5 – All About Stallions

• Step 6 – Exercise, Training and Horse Showing

• Step 7 – Trailers and Transporting Your Miniature Horses

• Step 8 – Where can I buy a Miniature Horse?

• Other Information

About the Expert

Christina Reilly was born in Suffern, New York in 1969. She grew-up in Westchester County in New York, then moved to Orange County, New York and has lived there for the past 30 years. She has a loving family with her mother, father, two sisters, two daughters and a son. She is now living with her loving fiancé, at this time in southeastern New York. The expert has helped to raise miniature horses most of her life, since the age of 13 years old. Her family has two farms.

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