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Ageless Brain: Think Faster, Remember More, and Stay Sharper by Lowering Your Brain Age

Kirjailija: Julia VanTine Lukija: Johnny Heller Äänikirja

It's normal for the brain to short-circuit every now and again-people often put their keys in the fridge or can't find the pair of glasses on top of their heads. But what if there was a way to eat, exercise, and live that could eliminate these senior moments? Ageless Brain offers a plan to sharpen reader's memories and their minds so that, at forty, they have the quick, agile brain they had at thirty. Based off of recent scientific research that has changed everything we thought we knew about the complex human brain, this plan is filled with brain-healthy foods, exercises, and advice about how both play and stress impact your most vital organ. This book will help listeners learn how to grow new brain cells, think 150% faster and boost memory up to 25%, reduce risk-factors for Alzheimer's, identify and avoid brain poisons lurking in food and medicine, drop unsafe levels of blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar, and more! BONUS PDF CONTAINS 45 BRAIN-NOURISHING RECIPES

© 2018 Dreamscape Media (Äänikirja) ISBN: 9781974900794

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