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Calming Nature Sounds for Relaxation, Meditation, Deep Sleep with Music

Kirjailija: Yella A. Deeken Lukija: Ian Brannan Äänikirja

The soundtrack of nature has a truly amazing effect on our bodies. It gives us a sense of calm, sets us free from everyday tensions, and helps us to finally let go. Natural sounds can unleash sensations that lower our pulse rates and provide lasting relaxation to our bodies and spirits.

This audio book contains the perfect mix of natural sounds and dreamlike music. Perfect for falling asleep, for relaxing, or meditating. Put yourself in a state of absolute, deep peace. Use the pulsating sounds to calm your soul. The right sounds resonate with the body, bringing it back to its natural state, with a healing and regenerating effect.

Contents - all tracks with natural sounds and dreamlike music:

Ocean waves for deep sleep, length: 18 minutes;

Soothing rain with light piano, length: 22 minutes;

Healing woodland sounds, length: 24 minutes;

Source of life, length: 23 minutes;

Seaside serenade, length: 22 minutes;

Rainy night in Vancouver, length: 17 minutes.

Immerse yourself in a world of limitless relaxation.

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