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Spiritual Sound & Relaxing Music for Mindfulness Meditation, Study & Yoga

Kirjailija: Yella A. Deeken Lukija: Ian Brannan Äänikirja

As our planet becomes increasingly crowded, finding a quiet, natural, tranquil place becomes harder. However, with this relaxing music collection you can experience such a beautiful place.

Your stress and thoughts will melt away as you drift off to a deep zen state. With this stunning collection of sounds and songs, you will feel the world melting away around you, leaving you to focus on your meditation and letting go of the pressures of your mental state and of living life.

The sounds and songs have been produced professionally using state-of-the-art equipment, so the selection of spiritual sounds provided for you are of the highest quality. With the fidelity of these recordings, you will feel as though you've been completely immersed in another place, free from obligations, pressures, stresses, issues, and anything else that keeps you from achieving inner peace.

Here's how this relaxation music will empower you:

• The right sounds resonate with the body, bringing it back to its natural state, with a healing and regenerating effect on mind, body, and soul.

• Use the pulsating sounds to calm your soul and put yourself in a state of absolute, deep peace.

• Achieve deep levels of relaxation anytime, anywhere.

• Incredibly useful whether you're meditating, studying, sleeping, or just relaxing.

• Even if you don't have any time to sit down for just one minute, you can play this music in the background to calm yourself.

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