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XXL Bundle: White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise, Calming Nature Sounds: Helps adults, children and infants fall asleep — relaxation, concentration, studying, tinnitus

Kirjailija: Yella A. Deeken, mindMAGIXX - Patrick Lynen Lukija: mindMAGIXX - Patrick Lynen Äänikirja

With 40 tracks, this premium audiobook gives you the world's largest, most comprehensive collection of certified soundscapes. If you want to quickly relax and melt stress away at the push of a button, keep reading …

The constant sound of white noise, pink noise, and brown noise can work wonders for us in daily life. These constant sounds can …

• Help you fall and stay asleep

• Calm children and infants

• Quickly achieve deep relaxation

• Increase concentration

• Allow you to work and study more productively

• Mask the ringing in the ear from tinnitus

• Increase your sense of private space (for example, by masking street noise or distracting sounds in the office)

INCLUDED IN YOUR PURCHASE: You get natural as well as synthetic noises (white, pink, Brown, black and natural) in pristine audio quality. These soundscapes fade gently in and out and have generous runtimes of 30 to 120 minutes.


• Cosmic white noise

• Dreamy Brown noise

• Natural white noise (winter storm)

• Pink noise to mask distracting ambient sounds

• White noise for studying

• Gentle Brown noise as if you were on a space station

• Leaves in the wind (natural white noise)

• Smoothed pink noise

• Pitter-patter of raindrops on leaves in the forest

• Classic white noise

• Polar wind mixed with pink noise

• Sounds from a company's server room

• Sounds from a Canadian waterfall (natural white noise)

• Bright, light, and clear white noise

• Deep and wide pink noise

• Ultralight Brown noise

• Background noise to mask tinnitus and in line with current TRT standards

• Radio static

• Pure pink noise

• Crickets and cicadas in Tuscany (natural noise)

• Even ocean waves (natural white noise)

• A special audio mix to mask tinnitus and in line with current TRT standards

• Leaves in the wind • Calm black noise with high bass levels

• And many more…

The soft, pleasant soundscapes in this premium audiobook were created and mixed by experienced engineers from the field of classical music. The main challenge the experts faced was in giving the tracks an even, energetic concentration without making them intrusive. The results speak for themselves. With this audiobook, you can enjoy 40 certified soundscapes with natural and synthetic noises in pristine audio quality.

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