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2T 10min

Aliens in the Sky

Author: Christopher Pike Narrator: Adam Verner Audiobook and E-book

Embark upon an out-of-this-world adventure in this fourth book in New York Times bestselling author Christopher Pike’s Spooksville series.

When Adam and his friends stay up late one night, they see bright lights in the sky. Lights that look suspiciously like flying saucers. Then, the next night, one of the saucers lands by the reservoir, and the creatures who come out of the ship don’t look like people at all. Their heads are too large, and their eyes are too big and black. Worse, they want Adam and his friends to come with them for a little ride in space. In fact, the aliens insist that they come. They practically drag the kids into their ship. Then the flying saucer takes off! And it doesn’t look like they'll be coming back anytime soon. Can Adam and his friends figure out a way to get home?

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