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Anti-Racist Ally: An Introduction to Action and Activism

Author: Sophie Williams Narrator: Sophie Williams Audiobook

‘Gives you the information you need to begin, or continue, your understanding of what it means to be a true anti-racist ally’ Pippa Vosper

Do you want to be an anti-racist ally?

This punchy, bite-sized audio guide shows you how, whether you’re using your voice for the first time, or are looking for ways to keep the momentum and make long lasting change.

Sophie Williams’ no-holds-barred posts about racism and Black Lives Matter on @officialmillennialblack have taken the online world by storm. Sharp, simple and insightful, they get to the heart of anti-racist principles and show us all how to truly be better allies.

Now, in her iconic style, this concise audio book unpacks complex topics into their most important concepts, and provides a crucial starting block for every anti-racist ally.

This audio book comes with a bonus PDF of additional resources

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