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Bal Thackeray

Author: Dhaval Kulkarni Narrator: Vijayan Menon Audiobook

Hindu Hriday Samrat Bal Thackeray is a name to reckon with in the entire state of Maharashtra and beyond. Late Balasaheb founded the political party Shiv Sena with only a handful of people in the sixties and after that never looked back. The party and its graph kept climbing and dipping over the years, but Bal Thackeray’s superstar status as the voice of the marathi people never took a hit. He was well known for his candidness, fearlessness and abject aggression in voicing opinions. Find out how a cartoonist not only laid the foundation of a powerful organization, but also successfully ran it for decades. Also listen to all the interesting and major incidents related to the journey of Balasaheb and Shiv Sena, and also the detailed story of the personal and professional challenges between the cousins, Raj Thackeray and Uddhav Thackeray.

© 2021 Storytel Original IN (Audiobook) Original title: Balasaheb Ani Shivsenecha Pravas Translator: Nikhil Baisane

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