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Lyric Poetry & Drama
1T 17min

But Not For Me

Author: Keith Reddin Narrator: David Shapiro, Harry Groener, Gary Houston, Leslie Lyles, Timothy Carhart Audiobook

Keith Reddin's examination of the early career of Richard Nixon. Set in a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel, a paranoid Dick Nixon is an idealistic young congressman who is ambivalent about resorting to a monumentally underhanded “dirty trick”. This was orchestrated by Nixon's conniving campaign official Roy Day against his Democratic opponent, Congresswoman Helen Gahagan Douglas—the so-called 'Pink Lady'. Nixon's victory launches his career as a politician. A Goodman Theatre co-production.

Live Sound Effects, Jill Kellogg. Recording Engineer, Chris Willis. Radio Producer, Robert Neuhaus. Directed by Michael Maggio and recorded before an audience at Chicago’s Guest Quarters Suite Hotel in October 1998. A co-production with the Goodman Theatre.

An L.A. Theatre Works full cast performance featuring:

Timothy Carhart as Nixon
Harry Groener as Melvyn
Gary Houston as Roy
Leslie Lyles as Helen
David Shapiro as Stan

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