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Jacinda Ardern: Leading with Empathy

Author: Supriya Vani, Carl A. Harte Narrator: Kirsty Gillmore Audiobook

JACINDA ARDERN: LEADING WITH EMPATHY carefully explores the influences - personal, social, political and emotional - that have shaped Ardern. Peace activist and journalist Supriya Vani and writer Carl A. Harte build their narrative through Vani's exclusive interviews with Ardern, as well as the prime minister's public statements and speeches and the words of those who know her. We visit the places, meet the people and understand the events that propelled the daughter of a small-town Mormon policeman to become a committed social democrat, a passionate Labour Party politician and a modern leader admired for her empathy and courage.

© 2021 Aurora Audio Books (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781787827943

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