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Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur: 10 Mindset Shifts for Women to Take Action, Unleash Creativity, and Achieve Financial Success

Author: Charlene Walters Narrator: Carolyn Jania Audiobook

Entrepreneurship has always skewed male-from availability of funding to how-to books that assume a primarily male audience. And yet, 36% of all small business or franchise owners are women, and there are 13 million female-owned businesses contributing to more than $1.8 trillion in revenue. Now, with a fast-changing economy making traditional employment unsteady, there's never been a better time for becoming a "fempreneur."

In Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur, Charlene Walters provides the tools you need to successfully launch and grow your side hustle, start up, or small business. As a mentor on Entrepreneur magazine's "Ask an Expert" forum and developer of a digital entrepreneurship MBA program, Walters knows what you're facing-and can help you avoid common mistakes, find your niche, build up your personal brand and reach your entrepreneurial goals.

You'll find the practical, real-world advice necessary to create the opportunities you want by embracing ten Mindset Shifts, including: Embracing an Entrepreneurial Attitude; Cultivating Financial Confidence; Branding and Building Presence; Leveraging Social Media Options; Leading Your Startup; Going into Growth Mode; and Rebooting, Repeating, and Avoiding Burnout Along the Way. In addition, the author's Fempreneur Action Plan is included in the PDF companion to this audiobook.

© 2021 McGraw Hill-Ascent Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781638410829

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