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Little Women

Author: Louisa May Alcott E-book

Surely no book has gone forth with a simpler purpose, and just because 'Little Women' is not "preachy" it has found its way to the hearts of its readers. Honest little girls, striving to be good and carry their burdens cheerily, have prized it through generations; it has given them a better grip on the small things of life, which count so much for true happiness; but brightest of all the gems the book contains is the radiance of mother-love which shines through it. The March girls loved their mother, made her their confidante, and turned to her through every trial of their lives; she was companion and friend as well as teacher and guide, and many a girl, and many a mother, has learned a lesson from the beautiful example these " Little Women " have set them. Louisa Alcott wrote many bright and wholesome stories after her "luck child" had found her a corner in the world of fame, but 'Little Women' comes first on the shelf, and in the hearts of her admirers. This edition also includes the sequel to the original 'Little Women', 'Good Wives,' telling the avid reader of the life of the March girls as young women.

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