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Overcome Worry Habits: Stop rumination and anxiety forever

Author: Paul Robinson Narrator: King John Mark Audiobook

Worry, anxiety and depression is a current day growing epidemic. Two out of five Americans say they worry every day.

A little bit of worry is no problem at all. In 2017, scientists found that worries can motivate people to protect themselves and prevent problems — if that worrying is occurring at a healthy level. But excessive worrying can be harmful to a person’s physical and mental well-being. It’s also one of the hallmarks of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), which affects about 6.8 million American adults.

Worry habit can suck the joy out of the ‘here and now’ to prevent an unrealistic ‘then and there'. People who worry about their older self deprive their younger self with the joys of the present moment.

Overcome your worry habit' is written by Paul Robinson, a notable author, coach and reputed keynote speaker who has a track record of helping thousands of people to lead a more fulfilling life.

This is an inspirational audio book that will help you deal with your worry habits, so that you can lead a more happier and fulfilling life.

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