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Fantasy & SciFi
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Seven Surrenders (2 of 2) [Dramatized Adaptation]: Terra Ignota 2

Author: Ada Palmer Narrator: Christopher Walker, Holly Adams, James Konicek, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Alejandro Ruiz, Chris Stinson, Ryan Carlo Dalusung, Stephon Walker, Wyn Delano, Kay Eluvian, Taylor Coan Audiobook

"The second full cast audiobook of Terra Ignota, a political SF epic of extraordinary audacity!

In a future of near-instantaneous global travel, of abundant provision for the needs of all, a future in which no one living can remember an actual war, a long era of stability threatens to come to an abrupt end.

For known only to a few, the leaders of the great Hives, nations without fixed location, have long conspired to keep the world stable, at the cost of just a little blood. A few secret murders, mathematically planned. So that no faction can ever dominate, and the balance holds. And yet the balance is beginning to give way.

Mycroft Canner, convict, sentenced to wander the globe in service to all, knows more about this conspiracy the than he can ever admit. Carlyle Foster, counselor, sensayer, has secrets as well, and they burden Carlyle beyond description. And both Mycroft and Carlyle are privy to the greatest secret of all: Bridger, the child who can bring inanimate objects to life.

Shot through with astonishing invention, Seven Surrenders is the next movement in one of the great SF epics of our time.

Performed by Chris Stinson, James Konicek, Holly Adams, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Christopher Walker, Taylor Coan, Alejandro Ruiz, Kay Eluvian, Wyn Delano, Ryan Carlo Dalusung, Stephon Walker, Nora Achrati, Eric Messner, Neha Gargava, Brandon Burton, Chris Davenport, Bradley Foster Smith, Nazia Chaudhry, Lydia Kraniotis, Dawn Ursula, Anthony Palmini, Jacob Yeh, Gabriel Michael, Jenna Sharpe, Darius Johnson, Christopher Williams, Zeke Alton, Scott McCormick, Lise Bruneau, Shawn K. Jain, Sara Greenfield, Shravan Amin, Karen Novack, Mark Harrietha, Yasmin Tuazon, David Zitney, Bianca Bryan, Samantha Turret, Richard Rohan, Nanette Savard, Robb Moreira, Steve Wannall, and Michael John Casey."

© 2022 GraphicAudio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781685086114

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