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Part 1 of 1
Fantasy & SciFi
15T 57min

Starfighter Rising

Author: Daniel Seegmiller Narrator: Kirby Heyborne Audiobook

A merciless cyborg menace. An invasion Earth can’t win. Can a failed pilot turn the tables, or will he burn up on reentry?

Konran Andacellos has all but given up on his dream to be a starfighter. After botching an airshow maneuver and being reduced to a captaincy on a rock hauler, the ambitious twenty-two-year-old never expected an ambush to sweep in and blow his convoy to dust. With the lives of his crew on the line, Konran leaps into a pitiful one-man defense craft and obliterates the enemy against impossible odds.

Clinging to life, he’s pulled aboard a battlecruiser to heal and offered a seat in a coveted cockpit. And now he must pit his skills and instincts against an unpredictable foe that will stop at nothing to ensure his first extraordinary triumph is his last.

Will Konran become the savior the galaxy needs, or will the chill of space become his grave?

Starfighter Rising is the first book in the riveting Starfighter Rising science fiction adventure series. If you like scrappy heroes, epic battles, and galactic consequences, then you’ll love Daniel Seegmiller’s electrifying thrill-ride.

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