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Tea is so Intoxicating

Author: Mary Essex Narrator: Penelope Freeman Audiobook

David Tompkins thinks it is a splendid idea to open a tea garden at his Kentish cottage. His wife, Germayne, is not so sure. The local villagers are divided on the matter, and not necessarily supportive, particularly Mr Perch at the Dolphin, who sees it as direct competition to Mrs Perch's own tea garden. It doesn’t bode well when the official opening coincides with a break in the beautiful weather. Things are further complicated by the arrival of the 'cake cook' Mimi, a Viennese girl with a mysterious past, Germayne's daughter Ducks, and her ex-husband Digby. With rumour rife that the couple are not actually married, the lady of the manor makes it her mission to shut the enterprise down.

© 2021 Soundings (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781407996035

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