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The Juggle: A laugh-out-loud, relatable read for fans of Motherland

Author: Emma Murray Narrator: Caroline Lennon Audiobook

'Clever, wise and achingly funny.' Cathy Kelly ‘You can have it all,’ they said. ‘Happy children, happy marriage, great career – no problem,’ they said…
For fans of Motherland!

Mother-of-one Saoirse is just about holding it all together – combining part time work with the school run, while her husband David gets to focus on his career. But when David loses his job, everything has to change.

With no hesitation, Saoirse suggests she takes on the role of main breadwinner. After all, how hard can it be? And when a new client offers her a life-changing sum of money, Saoirse can look the other over-achieving Woodvale school-run mums in the eye with pride.

But there’s a problem with keeping too many balls in the air – eventually one is bound to drop. And when that happens – well, who knows what the consequences could be…

Laugh-out-loud funny, achingly relatable, but with a heart of gold, and warmth running through every page. This is the perfect read for anyone who has way too many balls in the air! The novel may or may not have been inspired by real life…

Praise for Emma Murray:

'If you've ever despaired of the school WhatsApp group, torn your hair out over what to cook for the kids' dinner, again, and wonder why your beloved still believes in the Laundry Fairy, The Juggle is for you. Emma Murray's clever, wise and achingly funny novel about life as a modern mum will make you grin with recognition - and not feel alone. It's not just you, then! There are lots of novels about Having It All but The Juggle combines wisdom, humour and utter warmth as Emma Murray's central character, Saoirse, does her best to keep all the balls in the air.... And guess what, she drops some.' Cathy Kelly
'Emma Murray’s writing is so deft: rib ticklingly funny and also heartbreakingly poignant at times that the reader is swept along with Saoirse and her cast of supporting characters as they navigate their increasingly hectic lives. I finished The Juggle immediately wanting more.' Fay Keenan

'Emma tells it how it is with real honesty, and it made me laugh out loud.' Janet Hoggarth

'Witty, fun, beautifully-written. Very highly recommended. Excited to see what comes next from Emma Murray.' Jessica Redland

Readers loved Emma’s first book Time Out:

‘Compelling, Uplifting and so very relatable. The characters are superbly written, and I really hope we get to read more from Saoirse.’

‘I really related to the Saoirse, the main character in this book. I loved her humour, her insecurities, her strengths, her flaws and of course most importantly how she formed a fantastic friendship over a morning bottle of Prosecco.’

‘Emma Murray has written a 5-star 'how-to' book on being part of the village ... 'it takes a village to raise a child' but it also takes that village to raise up a mom!’

‘A fabulous read that had me hooked and also made me feel glad that my children were born prior to the arrival of Facebook and social media. But a refreshing read and one I would definitely recommend.’

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