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The Life of Nancy

Author: Sarah Orne Jewett E-book

With eleven short stories, Sarah Orne Jewett’s The Life of Nancy is a serene and heart-touching collection of 19th century fiction. In A War Debt, Tom Burton finds himself stuck in Boston, as he is the primary caretaker of his grandmother. Though he has long given up the dream of a vacation, he is forced to a long trip to Virgina when his grandmother admits guilt over possessing an item stolen during the war, and is desperate for it to be returned to its owner.

In A Second Spring a grieving farmer must adjust to his new life after the passing of his wife of forty years. Depicting a widow who has already made peace with her predicament, My Sad Captains follows the exciting love life of a woman that has won the attention of three fishing boat captains. Finally, the title story, The Life of Nancy follows a serendipitous relationship that is forged between Tom and Nancy after Tom is stranded with her family. When Tom’s friend suffers an injury during their vacation, the two are unable to travel, and are forced to find somewhere to stay.

Though it was originally out of desperation, Tom grows to enjoy his time staying with Nacy’s family on the Maine island. Still, he must leave after his friend heals and is sad to say goodbye to Nancy. However, as the two grow older, they find that their paths cross more than expected, and their bond stands the test of time. With stories of romance, mourning, and new beginnings, The Life of Nancy is a sentimental collection filled with masterful descriptions of its settings and characters.

Featuring themes of nostalgia and tradition, this Sarah Orne Jewett collection is emotional and beautiful, sure to resonate with readers even over a century after its original publication. This edition of The Life of Nancy by Sarah Orne Jewett features an eye-catching new cover design and is presented in a font that is both modern and readable. With these accommodations, this edition is accessible and appealing to contemporary audiences, restoring The Life of Nancy to modern standards while preserving the original tranquility and beauty of Sarah Orne Jewett’s work.

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