Psalm Sonnets

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These are psalms in the sonnet form--life's sonnets. They are about loss, hope, and Christ. They speak to the human condition, which Christ knew and addressed. They try to contemplate the Bible. They speak the messages of abandonment, finding, gratitude, searching, temptation, and peace. They struggle with indifference. They are about human beings, the wide things we care about mutually. These are poems about crying and cursing, blessing and loss, to move human beings by sonnets towards understanding, caring, questioning and answering. The simple language reflects the author's perception of how clearly and simply so many of life's questions can be reflected on. The depths and heights of emotion often call for common images to express them best. This is what the Bible does, and these sonnets seek to speak the language of the Bible, especially its poetry.
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Editore: Resource Publications
Pubblicato: 2015-06-01
ISBN: 9781498223676

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