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The Philosophy of Sherlock Holmes

The Philosophy of Sherlock Holmes

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Essays about the famed fictional detective and the mysteries of life: “Both elegantly erudite and consistently entertaining” (E. J. Wagner, Edgar Award–winning author of The Science of Sherlock Holmes).

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective has stood as a unique figure for more than a century with his reliance on logical rigor, his analytic precision, and his disregard of social mores. A true classic, the Sherlock Holmes character continues to entertain twenty-first-century audiences on the page, stage, and screen.

In The Philosophy of Sherlock Holmes, a team of leading scholars uses the beloved character as a window into the quandaries of existence, from questions of reality to the search for knowledge. The essays explore the sleuth’s role in revealing some of the world's most fundamental philosophical issues, discussing subjects such as the nature of deception, the lessons enemies can teach us, Holmes’s own potential for criminality, and the detective’s unique but effective style of inductive reasoning. Emphasizing the philosophical debates raised by generations of devoted fans, this intriguing volume will be of interest to philosophers and Holmes enthusiasts alike.
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Editore: The University Press of Kentucky
Pubblicato: 2020-07-07
ISBN: 9780813140568

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